What records do you need to keep for your Employees?

I have been asked  recently about the information that an Employer needs to keep relating to employees to be compliant with the law. I have included a list below. It goes without saying that all of this information should be kept in a secure location in compliance with Data Protection Laws

1. Employer Registered Number and details of the employees PPS No, name and address.

2. Terms of Employment for each employee, records of start date, termination date and details of job classification.

3. Copies of payslips and payroll details for each employee.

4. Hours of work for each employee including start and finish times, details of breaks, annual leave, sick leave and public holiday absence.

5. Any document which would be necessary to comply with Employment Rights Legislation

6. Details in relation to the employment of your persons.

This is the bare minimum that you should hold in relation to your employees to be in compliance with an audit by NERA

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