Organisational Culture is a Choice!

How do you externally market your business? How important is it to decide on your strategy and be clear about what your message is? Don’t you think that should extend to your employees too?

Taking the time to really think about the type of culture you want in your organisation can go a long way towards actually achieving the ideal for your business.

Do you want the type of organisation that hires good people and gives them the freedom to be the best they can be? Are you happy for your people to work the hours that they choose providing they get the work done? If so then commit to that culture and communicate it clearly to your people.

If on the other hand you have the type of business that requires phone cover from nine to five and a formal approach to your customers, or you have strong views on time keeping that mean you want structured hours for your employees, you need to make that clear from the outset.

The above examples are highlighting very easy to identify culture differences. In reality the lines are much more blurred. The key is to be clear on what your expectations are, as this in many instances will assist you in hiring the right employees to fit with your culture. It also gives you a roadmap on how to manage your people and what your expectations of those people are.

The key is to make the decision before you hire and stick with it and most importantly make sure that your preferred culture fits with the industry you are in.

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