People Issues!

Yikes! September has been a busy month. I have found myself dealing with lots of people issues lately. A lovely Law Lecturer I had in college used to say ‘Theres nowt as quare as folk’ and she was absolutely right.

When you put different personalities into one place for up to forty hours a week, ask them to communicate daily, rely on each other for things and then add the pressure of dealing with customers, busy periods or slow periods, worries about job security, busy and stressful personal lives and heaven forbid listening to Joe Duffy in the office (Sorry Joe), you are asking for trouble. And yet we do it and don’t consider the fall out until war has broken out!

Now I am not suggesting for a moment that all of the above can be solved with a few Policies in a Company Handbook but what I am suggesting is that being aware and mindful of the impact unhappy employees can have on your business is important and having a plan in place to deal with people issues is even more important.

People who are unhappy want to be heard. Do not delay in dealing with issues because they will only get worse. Be clear in how you handle things and treat everyone the same. If you feel you are too close to the issue get a professional to come in and help.

And remember most issues can be dealt with on an unofficial basis if you are in touch with what is going on with your employees.