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Get The Basics Right!

So the first step on your New Year HR Plan should be to ensure that all the legal requirements relating to having employees are covered.

It’s so important not just from a legal perspective but also from an Employee Engagement perspective to have a strong and reliable system for ensuring all legal requirements are complied with when an employee joins your organisation.

Aside from the hefty fines and other potential legal risks it doesn’t reflect well on an organisation if an employee has to ask for an Employment Contract or Role Profile. Put together a New Starter Pack and make sure each new employee receives it on their first day.

Establish an Employee Handbook and keep it up to date and relevant. Make sure that its a living breathing guide to your organisation and doesn’t end up on a shelf gathering dust. It should be a Guide to your business that will help your New Starters hit the ground running.

Get the Basics Right!

New Year, New Opportunities

One of the reasons I love Christmas and New Years so much is because it gives me an opportunity to stop, reflect and take a breath.  By the time the New Year arrives I am always full of new ideas and inspirations. Its a time of year full of promise and possibility.

Its also a time of year to take stock of where we are in our business and to set the goals and strategy for the year ahead. What I have learned over my years in HR is that regardless of the type of business you are in, we rely on our people to support and grow our business and help us to succeed.

Managing people can be all consuming and we so quickly get caught up in our daily work so taking the opportunity at this time of year to develop a strategy for People Management and Human Resources is so important. Take some time to set some People Management goals for the first quarter. I will be publishing some blog posts in the coming days with some tips for the first quarter.

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